6 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2023 – Best Android Video Editors

In the era of content creation, video has become a significant part of today’s digital world.  Video content has changed from being only entertainment to communication, education, and storytelling. It could be overwhelming for Android users to choose the best video editor due to given abundance of applicatios. In this article, we will compare the best video editing apps for Android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android


CapCut is a video maker and video maker app for Android,  developed by TikTok creator company  Bytedance. It has gained popularity for its minimalist layout, robust features, and cohesive integration with TikTok slow-mo, Facebook and Instagram reels, and YouTube shots.

 It welcomes beginners with its user-friendly interface, making it easy to use with no prior knowledge of video editing. Its intuitive interface also benefits those looking for quick results.

The app also offers advanced tools and features, making it perfect for professionals.

CapCut provides basic functions, including adding videos, trimming clips, and merging videos on Andriod.  It features advanced tools such as remove background, footage stabilizer, chroma key (green screen), keyframe animation and AI correction.

Moreover, it also boasts advanced features, namely no watermark, slow-motion effect, 4k export, 3D zoom effect, and premium features unlocked.  CapCut offers new filters, some common are 3D and Blur Glitch making it an excellent choice for both novices and professionals.


KineMaster is a familiar video editor for Andriod in the realm of video editing apps.  It provides filters, text, effects and transitions for basic video editing. It allows users with standard features like trimming, cropping, adding clips and merging. It has a ready-to-use template and also enables users to create from scratch.

Moreover, kineMaster offers advanced features only accessible to paid users. The app has launched its storage known as KineCloud, reserved for paid subscriptions. Its multi-layer editing feature facilitates advanced users to craft captivating visuals.


Filmora, commonly known as a desktop video editor, launched its Andriod version. Like other apps, it also has basic and advanced features and tools. Its filters, transitions, and effects enhance the video editing experience.

 It allows users to change their raw footage into eye-catching visuals with minimum effort. Its simple interface give you full control over editing and enhances the editing experience.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is popular for creating animations on Android devices without technical knowledge about motion graphics. It allows you to create complex animations, slow motion, and visual effects on mobile. It also provides basic video editing options along with advanced features and tools.

The app allows you to create animation with vector and bitmap support. It offers an array of tools for animation, such as blending modes, colour correction, and keyframe animation. Its learning curve is steeper as compared to the other apps for its advanced tools,


Its distinctive advantage lies in the range of tools it offers for advanced video editors. It is popular for its easy-to-use templates and basic editing tools. It provides multi-layer video editing options for creating intricate storytelling and complex visuals. Its fast video editing makes it a better option for those looking for quick results. 

The app provides basic editing options, such as trimming, merging, cutting, and resizing.

In addition, you can add transitions, effects, filters, and stickers to ensure seamless flow and make a video more professional and captivating.

Vn ( Vlog Now)

Vn is a video editor that boasts a wide range of features for novices and experienced editors.

It is well known for its simple design and straightforward editing. Its drag-and-drop option makes complex visual creation a breeze.  

Its user-friendly interface makes video editing very easy. You can cut and trim unwanted parts, and add transitions for seamless flow. VN offers cool effects, allowing users to add suitable filters and effects to make their videos attractive. 

Moreover, its community features allow users to share their projects with experienced editors and get feedback and inspiration. 

All the above mentioned apps are regarded as best video editors for android due their minimalist design and free editing tools. In addition, these apps are best for both beginners as well as experienced.


Best video editing apps for Android are CapCut, KineMaster, Filmora, Inshot, VN, and Alight Motion

It is clear that every video editng app has its own features, tools and Pricing and Plans. So, every app is different each other in every aspect


In the era of the fast-paced digital world, having the best video editing apps for Android empowers you to create professional and engaging content with ease. All these apps offer different features and tools that cater to various editing requirements, from basic editing to intricate storytelling.  Whether you are a beginner or a professional editor, these apps enable you to craft professional videos without costly equipment or software. As you start your editing profession, consider the features, tools, and editing capabilities that align with your requirements and creative vision.

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