CapCut Vs. Alight Motion

CapCut vs. Alight Motion: A Comprehensive Comparison of Video Editing Powerhouses

With the increasing demand for video content, it is crucial to have the best video editing app to create and elevate storytelling. It might be overwhelming for content creators to choose the best video editor from a large number of apps. 

So, CapCut and Alight Motion stood as top video editing applications. This detailed comparison will dive into the CapCut vs Alight Motion intricate world, exploring their ease of use, features, capabilities, compatibility,  transitions, filters, effects, assets,  pricing, tools, and pros and cons.

What is CaCut

CapCut is a versatile all-in-one video editing app, developed by TikTok parent company Bytedace. The app has gained immense popularity for its simple interface, editing capabilities, simplicity, and streamlined editing process.

What is Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a professional motion graphics application and video editor that facilitates users with high-quality animations, visual effects, and motion graphics. Alight Motion allows users to create advanced visual effects with a plethora of features and tools.

User Interface and Ease of Use

An intuitive interface is a key feature for novices especially when it comes to user interface and ease of use. CapCut features a user-friendly and elegant interface that welcomes video enthusiasts with its simple design.

 Its minimalist design gives trouble-free navigation and approach to important tools and features, presenting it as an optimal choice for those stepping into the world of video editing.

On the other side of the spectrum, Alight Motion also offers a similar user-friendly interface, that focuses on guiding its users through its capabilities of video editing and motion graphics. Its well-structured menu and toolbars paw way to a flawless editing process, even for beginners in motion graphics.

Editing Capabilities

If we talk about the editing capabilities of CapCut, it offers a wide range of features including trimming, splitting, merging clips, and adjusting playback speed. CapCut allows users to add text, stickers, images, and music, providing a creative canvas,

Its user-friendly timeline grants full control over video editing and makes it a breeze. Additionally, it also enables users to add transitions among video clips to ensure a cohesive flow. Moreover, the app’s advanced features and tools contribute to professional video creation.

On the other hand, Alight Mostion’s editing capabilities go far beyond conventional video editing. Its motion graphics features are keyframe animation, visual effects, and vector graphics. This makes it an excellent choice for users who want to infuse their videos with animations.

Device Compatibility

Both applications cater to a large number of users by being available on both iOS and Android devices.  This availability on various devices enables users to seamlessly switch between devices without compromising on video quality. 


CapCut has an array of tools for video editing ranging from basic functions like splitting, and merging to advanced tools like chroma key and keyframe animations. The app’s minimalist layout gives access to these tools with a single click, enhancing the editing experience. 

Alight Motion’s tools are primarily designed for motion graphics and animations. Its keyframe animation system allows users to create intricate animations with perfection. Moreover, the app also features tools for colour correction, blending modes, and masking.


CapCut offers 600 free video effects, that can be added to clips to make an ordinary clip into a masterpiece. From filters that change colour to effects that adopt vintage film, the app enables users to test different styles.

In the world of effects, Alight Motions shines due to its motion graphics capabilities. Creators can add dynamic animations, glamorous effects and motion blur elements to their videos.


Transitions play a critical role in the seamless flow of video. CapCut provides a wide range of transitions, from classical cuts to more obvious effects. The app allows creators to customize those animations to set the tune of a video.

Alight Motion features cohesive transitions that adjust with motion graphics focus. Editors can create spectacular transitions by animating elements between the scenes. 


CapCut encompasses a wide range of filters, that are divided into seven categories, including nature, food, movies, R&W, style, and adjust. These filters set the tone and mood of a video, and cater to various genres and aesthetics. 

Alight allows users to apply filters to motion graphics and videos. These filters elevate the look and feel of videos, giving a professional touch to videos.

Text and Styles

Both the CapCut and Alight Motion offer 100 font styles in numerous languages. These enable users to add text with various styles, fonts, colours, and styles. This feature adds an extra layer of creativity, bringing words to life, and enhancing storytelling.


CapCut and Alight Motion have different features that cater to different editing styles. CapCut’s features are designed for professional video editing, while  Alight Motions features sets geared towards motion graphics and animations.


Alight Motion

User-Friendly Interface

Keyframe Animation

Wide Range of Filters

Vector and Bitmap Support

Multi-Layer Editing

Colour Correction

Text and Sticker Options

Motion Graphics

Speed Adjustment

Multi-Layer Editing

Music Library



Chroma Keying

Green Screen

Customizable Text and Fonts

High-Resolution Export

Audio Editing

Social Media Integration

Social Media Export

Assets Library

Both apps offer an assets library of music and sound effects, stickers, animations, filters, and effects, which can elevate the visual and audio quality of videos. These enable users to import their custom media to give personal flavour to the videos.

Subscription Plan and Pricing

A subscription plan is the main aspect for users when selecting an editing app. CapCut distant advantage lies in providing a wide range of features for free. Additionally, it also allows users to purchase specific needed elements in-app without committing to a full subscription. This competitive edge offers users the flexibility to customize their experience.

In contrast, Alight Motion’s freemium model provides basic features in free versions, while advanced features in subscription-based premium versions. It is important to be careful of your budget and your editing needs when choosing a subscription plan. 


The export option is a final stage that elevates or ruins the video quality. CapCut and Alight Motion’s powerfulness is reflected in its export options. Both applications enable users to export the final project in high quality ranging from 480p and 720p to 4K export, optimizing content from various platforms.

Community Support

CapCut integration with the TikTok community gives the users a supportive community of professionals who share tutorials, tips, and inspiration. This strong connection strengthens a sense of belonging among the users and promotes assistance.

Alight Motions provides users with forums, where users get advice, show their work to get feedback, and seek inspiration.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of CapCut vs. Alight Motion

Pros of CapCut

  • Sample and user-friendly interface
  • Wide range of filters and effects
  • Cohesive integration with TikTok
  • Wide range of features for free
  • For both beginners and seasonal video editors

Pros of Alight Motion

  • Intuitive interface
  • Number of transition
  •  Access to Text and fonts

Cons of CapCut

  • Motion graphics capabilities are very limited
  • Comprehensive vector  graphics support is lacking

Cons of Alight Motion

  • For Exper users only
  • Paid advanced features


In the CapCut vs Alight Motion final decision, the winner finally depends on the users’ editing requirements and choices. CapCut Cater to those who prefer streamlined video editing with creativity, providing extensive transitions, filters,  and effects while a robot connection with TikTok. On the contrary, Alight Motion is desirable for users looking to embed their videos with animations, motion graphics, and complex vector graphics.

Discover the nuances in CapCut Vs. Alight Motion, know about their features to find the best fit for your coming masterpiece.

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