CapCut vs. Filmora: Is CapCut better than Filmora?

CapCut vs. Filmora are two incredible video editing software for taking your dull and seemingly unattractive designs to the next level of pictorial beauty and sensation. No matter what type of emotion and storyline you want to convey to your audience, these video editing tools will help you do so effortlessly. 

If you are confused about which one should you use to make your videos appear eye-catching and professional then this comparative study about CapCut vs. Fimora is going to sort it out for you. We will do a side-by-side comparison of both video editing tools to make it easier for you to choose the one you need. 

Let’s explore both of these and see which video editor is better for you. 

User interface and ease of use

One thing that makes your job as a video editor easier is the interface of a particular video editing tool you are using. This feature alone can make or break things for you. It is always recommended to use a tool that is friendly and easy to navigate. 

CapCut vs. Filmora video editors excel in this regard. Both offer users an intuitive, friendly, easy-to-use interface. CapCut exceeds in its UI by providing users with a highly simplistic, direct interface to users. The navigation of CapCut is slightly easier to roam around as compared to Filmora. 

Filmora on the other hand has an abundance of advanced features in its navigation. It offers you highly extensive features to edit your video like a professional video editor. 

This versatility however makes it complicated for users to navigate it like CapCut. Filmora is an excellent option for advanced and professional-level editors but if you are a beginner or moderate then CapCut is a better option for you. 

Platform Compatibility

CapCut vs. Filmora are designed to make your life as a video editor simple and feasible but both of these editors are not compatible with all types of devices and operating systems you are working with. 

For instance, CapCut is essentially a mobile editing app that is compatible only with mobile-friendly systems. You can use this app on iPhone, iPad and Android as well. 

You can use it in its PC version but the features won’t be similar to those available in Filmora. Filmora is identical in its features to Camtasia video editors. It works well on a wider screen. Filmora is best to work with Windows and Mac. 

Although you can not use these interchangeably, no matter which one you are using, it will provide you enough room to edit your designs creatively.

Editing Capabilities

When it comes to the functionality of both of these video editors, there is nothing better than Filmora. Filmora has editing tools that are not otherwise available in any video editing tool. 

For instance, it allows you to edit your videos from all angles. No matter what design elements you want to add to your video, it has plenty of effects and transition features. 

It even allows you to edit your videos using AI video editing tools. In CapCut, you can edit the audio, background, and transition effects but with a limited number of upgrading options.





Operating System

Android iOS , and Windows compatibility

Works on Android and iOS


Free with optional in-app purchases

Free version with premium subscription


Import/export media, easy sharing

Direct photo import/export


In-app guides for users

Provides user tips


Bytedance, creators of TikTok

Remini, Inc


Versatile video editing

Enhances photo quality and restoration

Ideal Users

Content creators, social media users

Users with old or low-quality photos

Footage Quality

Enhances video quality

Enhances photo quality


Versatile video editing

Specializes in photos

Assets Library of CapCut and Filmora

The Asset Library of CapCut and Filmora are endowed with enhanced and advanced features backed by AI features. This makes them a competitive option for video editors to take advantage of these editors. 

CapCut, for example, allows users to create a video from scratch by using unlimited copyright-free stock images, filters and stickers. The quality of these stock designs allows you to add a professional touch to your designs without even paying any price. 

All assets like text effects, colour matching and background remover are freely available making it easier for you to create your designs as you want. 

Filmora on the other hand is a paid video editor. You can use its asset library by paying a subscription fee. However, access to its premium library will open up a whole new world of design for you. 

The effects, audio and special effects on text and photos or whole videos will only be available in premium versions. However, buying it once in a lifetime will make your life as a video editor and assist you in making your designs pro with skilful finishes.

Community support

If you encounter any issue using CapCut vs. Filmora, then you can use their community support to get the issue sorted in just a few minutes. 

CapCut in this regard is quick and efficient in its response by quickly resolving the error using their official email. Their team addresses the issue as soon as possible and helps you get it resolved in no time. 

Filmora on the other hand, has a professional support community that allows you to contact them through the YouTube community and Instagram. Whether you want to refund or get any other issue, you can solve it by contacting directly with their team. 

Export options in CapCut and Filmora

As mentioned earlier Filmora is a paid video editor and requires you to submit a subscription fee to download the video in your desired formats. The export options in Filmora are versatile as they won’t hinder you from exporting the design in certain formats only. You can export the files in any size, ratio or format. 

CapCut on the other hand is a free tool that allows you to export your designs instantly without any watermark. If you have used some premium features in your video then it will place a watermark at the end of your video. However, the format options are limited in CapCut, you might have to use any other app to set its dimensions. 

Subscription plan and pricing

One of the major differences between CapCut vs. Filmora video editors is that one is available to use free of cost while the other is paid. 

CapCut for instance, is free with 98 per cent of its features and you can even download the video as well but Filmora is not free to use. Even though it allows the users to try it for a few days, even then you can not download or export your video without getting a watermark on it.

So, if you want to get full access to the premium library of Filmora then buy its plan as per your needs. The basic plan starts with 44$ for a year. On the other hand, CapCuts premium library is open to subscription for 59.9$. 

Pros and Cons of Using CapCut vs. Filmora


  • Filmora is ideal to use for professional video editors and designers. It allows them to create stunning graphics with minute details and finishes. CapCut on the other hand is best for beginner-level editors with its simplistic features. 
  • Filmora video editor is best to use for commercial videos and brand designs. CapCut is excellent for social media users by allowing you to design engaging effects for TikTok, Instagram and short-form content. 
  • Filmora is used in professional settings, primarily by editors offering their services as video editors for YouTube or companies. While CapCut is more about personal usage, it assists you in creating videos for fun and entertainment purposes. 


  • Filmora is not affordable for everyone as it requires a subscription and a yearly fee for the software to be utilized. 
  • CapCut lacks some of the advanced features especially when you are trying to make longer and creative designs. It hinders your editing by restricting you to basic designs only by keeping the best ones in its premium plan. 
  • Filmora is somewhat complex for beginners to understand and use. 
  • CapCut also lacks a bit in its quality, the video it exports might get blurry and dull.


CapCut vs. Filmora are two highly smartly designed video editing tools that can make your life as a video editor super easy and convenient. If you are torn between which one to use then we recommend you go for Filmora for professional purposes otherwise CapCut is more friendly and easy to use for basic-level video editing tasks. So, use them as you prefer and make your videos look engaging and thrilling.

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