CapCut vs. VN: Picking the Right Video Editor.

According to recent stats and figures, the significance of video content is getting more attention these days as compared to other types of content. It is becoming increasingly popular day by day. This increase has led to the emergence of different video editing tools. Each tool has its specialities and features. So, if you are not sure about which tool is ideal for your video editing tasks then this guide is for you. Here, we will look at the most common and preferable video editing software i.e. CapCut vs. VN. 

Both of these video editors are extensively used and have become a prominent choice for video editors but using both editors at the same may cause trouble for you. So, here we will compare CapCut’s incredible with VN’s cutting-edge specifications to help you choose the best one for your designs.

Let’s get started. 

User interface and ease of use

The user interface of CapCut and VN is the major thing that makes all the difference between these video editing tools. The UI of these tools makes it easy for you to choose one over the other. 

VN for instance, has a very dedicated, comprehensive interface by allows you to get all the features in one place. It has advanced features available right in front of you making it easier for you to edit your video exactly as you need. The features it contains are somewhat complex for new editors to comprehend and navigate making it suitable only for experts and professionals. 

CapCut has a very simple, direct and easy-to-understand UI. The canvas is super clean and smooth which adds more creativity and convenience to your experience to create and design your videos for top-notch engagement. Unlike VN, CapCut provides you with an easy-to-use, friendly environment which is even ideal to navigate for complete beginners. 

Platform compatibility

The platform compatibility for CapCut and VN is versatile and helps you to make it easy factor to choose which app suits your preferences. 

CapCut for instance, is ideally suitable to use for short and vertical format videos. This functionality makes it super friendly to use for mobile users. Although it is accessible on desktops, you can easily use it for Android and iOS devices without any hassle. 

VN however is a professional video editor that is best to use on a wide and large screen. Initially, the application was not available for mobile phone users and was accessible only through Mac, and Windows but it is accessible on mobile as well. 

Since it contains some advanced features in its editors sometimes makes it hard for you to navigate certain elements. 

Editing Capabilities

The editing Capabilities of both of these applications are best suited for the needs of content creators. In CapCut, for instance, users are capable of editing their designs from basic level to medium level editing options. 

You can trim, crop and split your videos in smaller bits to post these on short-form content platforms. The tool allows you to add an element of sensation and appeal which is usually required in short videos. 

VN on the other hand is ideal for long videos. The advanced editing features like text animation, keyframing, and text styling with transitioning effects allow you to edit your designs for professional and commercial usage. Access its full resources by subscribing to its plan to unlock all the locked elements in your designs.

Features of CapCut vs. VN



User-Friendly Interface

Multi-Layer Editing

Creative Effects

Final Project Sharing

Multi-Layer Editing

Video Editing

Speed Adjustment

Audio Editing

Text and Sticker Options

Customizable Fonts



Music Library


Chroma Key

Text and Fonts

Social Media Integration


Basic 3D Effects


Assets Library

Both applications are engrossed with potentially powerful editing tools with competitive assets. CapCut video editor, for instance, has plenty of stock resources available in its library which allows you to create stunning designs by using any element they require. 

You can add filters and transitions to your designs. Most of its library is free to access with some premium features. 

VN on the other hand is even more enhanced and advanced with its premium library. Its layer-based editing allows you to add audio effects, and text animations with shake effects with transition SFX sounds. 

These special effects are available in its library which is accessible in its premium subscription. Its versatile library allows you to synchronize your audio with video properly. 

Community Support

CapCut offers efficient community support by allowing users to contact online by using their official email. The support system is quick in its response making it easier for you to get your problem solved in a few hours. 

VN on the other hand offers an intuitive online support community where you can raise your questions any time. The team is efficient in its response and helps you solve the issue instantly. If you still face any issues regarding the application in use then you can have them on Skype as well to get your issue resolved. 

Export options

In terms of export capabilities, both VN and CapCut offer users almost similar options. However, considering the video quality in mind, VN exceeds as compared to CapCut. 

CapCut allows users to export and download the video in its free versions. The video however will contain a watermark on it. You can remove this watermark by subscribing to the basic plan of CapCut. 

The video quality downloaded may suffer eventually by fading some important elements in the video. This is why it is considered the best for casual and personal usage. 

VN is a professional and demanding video editor which results in a more natural and organic feel in the files it exports. The video quality does not get blurry or foggy after exporting. 

An important thing to note here is that you can not export the video in VN in its free version without a watermark. You will have to subscribe to its plan for exporting your designs with non-watermark. 

Subscription plan and pricing

VN and CapCut are free video editing software but some of its features are premium and require you to subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan to export, edit and design your video in a more creative way. 

You can download your generated designs with watermark in videos but if you are working professional then you will need to remove these to make your video appear professional. 

So, you can easily get full access to its premium assets and audio by paying 7.99$ and 9.99$ on CapCut and VN respectively. 

Pros and Cons of Using CapCut vs. VN

Pros of CapCut

  • High-quality HD video output for professional use.
  • Advanced editing options for precise control.
  • Special transition effects and text animation tools for creativity.
  • Multi-layer editing capabilities for audio, background, and subtitles.
  • Ideal for professional and creative purposes

Pros of Alight Motion

  • user-friendly interface for beginners as well as seasonals
  • Easy editing features for quick content creation
  • Suitable for novice content creators

Cons of CapCut

  • Occasional Lag
  • Basic 3D Text
  • Occasional Bugs

Cons of Alight Motion

  • Watermark in Free Version.
  • Limited HD Output.
  • Complexity for Beginners.


For professional and potential editing, it is always suggested to use a VN video editor to get better and high-quality designs. However, if you are new to this field and want to try videos for personal use then CapCut is better for you. So, use the editor as per your needs and generate incredible video designs! Good Luck.

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